Cowgirl Mystery Boxes!!

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Cowgirl Mystery Box!!


Mystery boxes will ship on the first Tuesday of every month. Boxes are completely non-refundable and non exchangeable. There is a very limited amount of boxes available. Boxes may be themed per season, or holiday. All boxes are a complete mystery! These are themed towards the western/horse girl.


All items are handmade with natural leather, scuffs scars, and natural flaws may occur. Ships on the first Tuesday of every month. Boxes will be listed for a week, then closed to ensure enough time to pack all the boxes. This round will be sipped on May 7th. Orders open from April 12th-22nd. 


Please send me an email at,


Add your name, a brand photo if you have one, a belt size(please measure accurately, lay a current belt flat from the buckle bend to hole you wear it in) phone size, favorite colors, and size of horse (average, large, pony, mule) type of riding you do, once you place an order. You do not have to have a horse to participate please email me and let me know you do not have a horse! I will have great options for you as well!!  This will help me create a custom mystery box to fit your style! You will only need to do this once if you plan to continue to order monthly boxes!  This is also completely optional. If you do not send an email you will still receive a box however it may not be customized to your style.


Boxes are considered a custom order and once again are completely non-refundable under any circumstances. Please understand this before purchasing. All boxes will include products with a higher value than the purchase price. 


Boxes will open up for ordering on April 12th And ship out May 7th. 


The large box may include 1-4 items. Depending on the value of the product. Some months may have higher priced pieces. The small box will include 1-2 items depending on the value of the product.

Mother’s Day Boxes will have over a $300 value, and consist of at LEAST 5 pieces. You don’t have to be a mother to purchase, but it’s a great way to treat yourself or a friend if you are! All boxes will be special, and have over double value. Small and large boxes will be different than the Mother’s Day edition boxes. If you choose to purchase for a friend, please add the address when checking out. 


I look forward to making your mystery box cowgirl!