Custom Christmas Stockings

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There is nothing prettier than cowhide Christmas stockings hanging from your mantle! Now is the time to get yours ordered! 

Christmas stockings can come in 3 different options, you can choose an Initial tag (this consists of a cowhide tag with a branded(burned into the hide) initial, it can come blank with no tags or lettering, or it can have an inlaid brand or initial onto the stocking itself with Pendleton wool or leather of your choosing (see cowhide custom brand pillows for an example of inlaid brand). 

pictured on this listing is what initial brand tags look like, pictured without an initial branded into them yet. 

Stockings will ship in approximately 6-8 weeks (no later than November 22nd 2023. 

Contact me to go over your cowhide options! I will have a wide variety of cowhide options to fit your needs. If you purchase multiple, they will all be taken out of the same hide as a matching set, unless you contact me and specified otherwise. Hides vary so much no two stockings will ever be the same. That’s what makes each stocking unique. 

Fringe is optional, all stockings are backed with high quality smooth leather. Please let me know if you would like a tassel and concho, as well as studs, and which color you prefer (antique copper, or silver) 

Stockings are handmade with natural leather, natural scarring and flaws may occur. When a brand tag is burned into the