Swirls And Twirls Single Ear Headstall

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Incredibly classy, timeless single ear headstall!! This headstall belongs out in the pasture gathering cattle, or in the arena! ¬†ūüíó¬†

Handmade, Hand painted, original designs. All designs are drawn out by hand, hand tooled, and assembled. Antique silver buckles were used, along with accenting spotted borders and conchos. 

Hermann oak leather was used, and it will fit an average sized horse. 

Ships in 1-3 business days, all sales are final. 

*Natural leather is used, and may contain natural scuffs, scrapes and brands. Each product is made to the best of my abilities, but will never be machine perfect! Each piece is unique and can never be exactly recreated. 

If for any reason the item needs to be exchanged, you have 5 business days to return the item in the same exact condition it arrived in. Refunds will not be issued, but can be exchanged for something in stock or used for a custom piece!